The Children Given Away

A blue wave-like image separates an adult figure and two children in the two left from a house and with several figures on the bottom right. On the bottom right there is a figure begging three figures sitting on the house.

9: The Children Given Away

Jujaka reaches Vessantara and asks for his children. Prince Vessantara calls his children, who are hiding and do not want to leave, in order to give them to Jujaka. Vessantara looks for his children, who are hiding in a lotus pond and pleading with him not to be given to Jujaka. Vessantara does give his children to Jujaka, who speaks unkindly towards them and beats them. Vessantara regrets his decision for a moment, even considering violence against Jujaka for the way he is treating his children. However, after Vessantara remembers his ultimate goal of becoming an omniscient Buddha, his anguish passes.