Jujaka's Wife Mocked

A red and green house with a figure looking out from the window. There are two cats and a reclining figure on the deck of the house. In the foreground are four women in front of a body of water.

6: Jujaka's Wife Mocked

In a parallel story, an old, poor brahmin priest from the Kalingas Kingdom named Jujaka has married a young woman named Amittapana. Amittapana’s family could not pay off their debt to Jujaka, so they gave him their daughter as payment. Once living in his house as his wife, Amittapana takes very good care of her husband. He lays idle while she does all the household labor. Because of this, she is teased by the village women. Amittapana urges Jujaka to locate servants for her, so she is not subjected to the judgments of her neighbors. Jujaka has heard of Vessantara, who gives away everything he is asked for, and begins on his journey to find him. Jujaka’s intention is to ask for Vessantara’s children, Jali and Kanhajina.