Tuition Remission

Rhodes provides employees with credit towards tuition for courses taken at Rhodes. Full-time employees may take 2 courses per semester with a full tuition waiver after 1 full year of employment. Part-time employees who work at least 18.75 hours per week are granted tuition credit on a pro-rata basis.  Employees who are interested in this benefit should contact Admissions for a special application in addition to completing a Tuition Remission form.

The spouse and dependent children of full-time employees may be eligible for tuition credit as well. This benefit is phased in over a three-year period:

 Full-Time Employment   Tuition Benefit
 1 year   1/3 tuition waiver
 2 years   2/3 tuition waiver
 3 years   Full tuition waiver

Rhodes participates in three exchange programs that afford additional opportunities for the tuition waiver: 

  • The Associated Colleges of the South (ACS):  Information at including a list of schools. The ACS charges a fee of $2,000 per year for participation in the tuition exchange. Please notify the Benefits Services Manager if your child is applying to a school in this program.
  • The Tuition Exchange (TE): Information and list of participating schools at Check with individual schools for tuition waiver amount.  Applicants for this program should apply at the website.

Employees who would like to obtain this benefit for their dependents should complete a Dependent Tuition Remission form at the same time their dependent completes an application for admission.