The Mel Grinspan Outstanding Intern Award

The Mel Grinspan Award was established in honor of the late Mel G. Grinspan, Professor Emeritus of Economics. It was designed to recognize an intern who has made a significant contribution to the internship organization through the outstanding performance of assigned duties and has thereby brought distinction not only to him/her/themselves but also to Rhodes College. Students who have participated in an academic internship during the current year and have been nominated by their faculty supervisor are eligible for this award.

The award includes a $1,000 prize.

Criteria for the award:

  • Faithful attendance at weekly or biweekly meetings of the intern and the academic supervisor
  • Willingness to make worthwhile contributions to regular meetings of interns by discussion of the student’s internship assignments and their significance to the organization and the community
  • An understanding of the significance of the internship through a superior term paper, collection of short papers, or journal on all aspects of the internship (including the work itself, the organizational environment of the internship organization, and the meetings with the academic advisor and other interns)
  • Superior interest and achievement in assigned duties and responsibilities
  • Superior cooperation and dependability
  • A willingness to contribute time and effort beyond expectation
  • Pride in personal achievement and contribution to the internship organization