Auben Gray Burkhart Coin Collection

In 2015, Rhodes received a bequest of 117 coins from the estate of Auben Gray Burkhart. Most date to the Roman period. Since then, these coins have provided an invaluable opportunity for Rhodes College students in ART 219 (Roman Art & Architecture) to do the work of museum curators. Under the guidance of Miriam G. Clinton of the Rhodes College Department of Art & Art History, students have catalogued (Fall 2015), conserved (Fall 2018), and now (Spring 2022) curated an online exhibit of the Auben Gray Burkhart Collection. 

Student contributors to the project include:

Cataloguing: August Bishop, Aubrey Blackstock, John Ford, Evie Jackson, Colton Mayo, Clare Misko, Laura Oxford, Zachary Pearson, Emily Pierce, Amaris Prechtel, Montana Pugh, Aaron Romanowski, Carlyn Shockley, Bonnie Whitehouse, Ginger Woods, and Camila Zimmerman

Conservation: John Adler, Lynn Ashby, Haley Barker, Katherine Carter, Madison Chandler, Margot Childs, Lindsay Dew, Jane Eskildsen, Cole Hollander, Braxton Jeffcoat, David Jones, Terra Martin, Benjamin McCracken, Susan Morris, Roberto Olvera, Tyler Pellegrino, and Marie Vencil

Exhibition: Audrey Bishop, Isabella Brewer, Jayabrato Chatterjee, Avery Comish, Nicholas Dillon, Meghan Finlay, Noah Friedman, Elizabeth Griffin, Jessica Joshi, Samantha Kane, Olivia Lane, Sarah Mann, Fiona Marks, Nicholas Mayeux,  Andrew Shield, Oscar Suarez, and Woo Wade

          * * * *

The project’s leadership team wishes to acknowledge the work of Rosanna Meindl in organizing and supporting the processing of the Auben Gray Burkhart Coin Collection, Bill Short in preserving the collection in the Rhodes College Archives, and Luis Seixas in training and assisting with coin conservation.

the obverse and reverse of a gold Justinian coin