Health and Accident Insurance

International Student Health and Accident Insurance Policy

To protect you and your family from financial strain in case you experience a serious illness or injury while studying in the U.S., Rhodes requires health insurance throughout your enrollment. Rhodes has selected a standardized policy for all of our international students (this includes Degree-Seeking and Exchange Students*, as well as students who are US citizens whose families live outside the United States). This comprehensive health insurance plan is offered by Worldwide Insurance Services, which specializes in providing health insurance to international students, scholars and travelers.
Rhodes will enroll international students each semester for health insurance and will charge each student’s Rhodes account to pay for it. This insurance generally costs approximately $620/semester. There is no deviation from this policy. When budgeting for your time at Rhodes, remember to include this cost, as it is mandatory and Rhodes will only release your official transcript at the completion of your studies when your Rhodes student account has a zero balance.
*With the exception of ISEP students.