Academic Resources

English Language Support at Rhodes

Free English language support is available for any student, native- and non-native speakers of English alike. We can help you with common English language issues in written or spoken English. Email to get started.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center at Rhodes College is dedicated to cultivating strong, independent writers. At the Center, a trained tutoring staff maintains a peer-to-peer teaching environment in which student writers of all levels can receive assistance at any stage of the writing process and for writing in any discipline. The Center also provides instructional resources and staff support to faculty teaching writing in their courses. The Writing Center is located on the first floor of Barret Library (Room 122). Students may drop in for an impromptu session or sign up via the Writing Center's webpageFirst year students are especially encouraged to visit!

Career Services Center

The Career Services Center at Rhodes College is dedicated to assisting and guiding students through the career development process and empowering them to achieve meaningful careers over their lifetime. 

Career Services are located in the same office as the Buckman Center for International Education in the lower level of Burrow Hall (Burrow 106). Some of the things that career services can provide you include but are not limited to the following:

  • Career Development Programs and Networking Opportunities
  • Internship Programs
  • Graduate School Application
  • Employer Connections and Job Search Assistance
  • Professional Development Coaching
  • Free Online and Print Resources

Go to the Career Services webpage and make your appointment today!