Mass public transportation is not as common in the U.S. so there are several options to get around town and off campus.

If you are not sure what the address of the place you are going is you can search it on


Although Memphis is not known for its good public transportation system, it is possible to go most places in the city and to most of the suburbs via a bus. If it is necessary to transfer buses (get off one bus and onto another to reach your final destination), tell the bus driver on the first bus that you will need to transfer. By doing this, you only have to pay a small transfer fee. Otherwise, you will have to pay another full fare for each leg of your trip. Transfers are not valid for return or round trips. Catch the bus at the green MATA signs. If you need any help or information call MATA (the Memphis Area Transit Authority) at 274-MATA (274-6282).


Bicycles are a great way to get around and have independent transportation that doesn't cost much money!  Below are a couple of popular bike shops in Memphis, be sure to ask around to see where other students have gotten their bikes or if they know someone that is selling.  

All About Bikes:

Bikes Plus:

Here is a website with more bike/pedestrian resources in Memphis:

When riding a bicycle, you must obey the same rules of the road as a car. For an explanation of Tennessee's road rules, the Driver's License Handbook can be obtained from one of the Tennessee Driver Testing Centers or online.

A few points to remember while bicycling:

  • You should always wear a helmet.
  • Cars do not have to let you pass them on the right before they make a right turn.
  • Riding on the sidewalk is illegal.
  • Always use hand signals.
  • Always chain and lock your bike or it WILL get stolen.

Please Note:  Bike lanes are not as common in the U.S. as in some other countries.  Be aware of the small bike lanes on the right hand side of the road.  For roads that do not have bike lanes, bikers are encouraged to stay as far right on the road as possible. 


Services like Uber and Lyft are "ride-sharing" services very similar to taxis where you pay for a ride to your destination. Uber and Lyft use individual employees who use their own cars (not company cars) and you pay them through the app. This is useful if you wish to pay by card and not in cash.  The best way to use Uber or Lyft is to download their apps onto your phone.  Using their app you can request a ride, tell them your destination, pay by card, and give them feedback on your ride.  For more information about both companies please visit the websites below:



Please Note:  Most Uber and Lyft drivers expect to be tipped after your complete your ride.  This is an option on the app when you go to pay for the ride, tipping is encouraged.

Taxi Service

Taxi service is also available: Bluff City Taxi:

Tipping is expected when taking a taxi.