New Internationals

Regarding COVID-19:

Rhodes is carefully observing the COVID-19 phenomenon with a careful eye to the health and safety of our student, faculty, and staff community. All updates about the Spring 2021 Semester will be posted on our COVID Updates pages. Also, our staff will communicate important international student updates to you, specifically, as soon as we have them.

When Can I Move Into My Residence Hall?

We know travel remains difficult for many students. We expect new international students to arrive on Jan. 20.

If that isn't possible, but you will be able to arrive by the end of January, please communicate with the teachers for your courses. It's possible you may still take in-person classes, even if you miss a class period or two, with advanced permission from the faculty.

If you know that you won't arrive until after January, please make sure you are enrolled ONLY in "remote" courses" - this means you will begin the classes remotely, make your way to Rhodes when you can, and continue your courses remotely from on campus. We will enroll you in our "Cultural Adaptation" class, which meets in teh final 7 weeks of the semester, in-person.