Owning a Car

Auto Insurance

Obtaining and maintaining auto insurance is a legal requirement to driving in the States. Many people who have never had car insurance in the US look at Geiko insurance first, because it’s straightforward and a rather user-friendly website. Others with good reputations are Nationwide, State Farm, and Allstate. Check with an IPA or your friends who drive and ask them about their insurance.

Knowing How to Drive

Driving in the United States may be different from where you grew up. Here is the Drivers License Manual with the driving laws in the States. If you have limited driving experience and/or need practice driving, please investigate driving courses in town, such as Pitner Driving School.

Obtaining a Driver's License

If you already know how to drive in the United States, you will need to apply for a driver’s license with the Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicles (TNDMV). To do this, you will take a vision test (while using your glasses/contacts), a written test, and a driving exam. You will need a friend to drive you to the testing center and then you will take your driving test using their car.  Here is a practice test for the written exam. Here is the closest TNDMV office near Rhodes.

Purchasing a Car

To purchase a car, you have two options – buy from an individual or from a dealer. There are pros and cons to both. Whatever car you purchase, you are ultimately responsible if the car malfunctions or fails to pass inspection (some municipalities outside of Memphis have yearly mandatory vehicle inspections). The purchase of a car puts the car legally in your name; you will receive the car's title (ownership document) from the seller once you pay for the vehicle in full. You will have to register your car with Memphis; part of the registration process includes getting a license plate for your new car.

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