On-Campus Employment

  • F-1 students may be employed at most on-campus jobs.
  • On-campus employment may not exceed 20 hours per week during the Fall and Spring semesters. However, full-time (more than 20 hours per week) on-campus employment is allowed during the summer vacation break between semesters of study, and when classes are not in session during winter intersession and spring recess.
  • Work performed on the school premises is "on-campus" employment as long as the employment provides direct services to students.
  • F-1 students who fail to maintain their F-1 status must discontinue on-campus employment immediately.

Hiring Steps for On-Campus Employment

  • Follow the steps in the International Student Employment Packet.
  • In brief, you'll need to be hired for a job and then apply for a government document called a "Social Security Card." No one can work without a Scocial Security Card; our team of IPAs are able to help you get to the off-campus office to apply for this card.

On-Campus Employment at an Off-Campus Location

If you have an opportunity to work at an off-campus location that is educationally affiliated with Rhodes College (e.g., St. Jude, UTHSC), you must be approved by the Buckman Center before beginning employment, even if you will be paid by Rhodes College. The educational affiliation must be associated with the College’s established curriculum or be related to contractually funded student research projects. In any event, the employment must be a necessary part of your educational program.

  • Make sure you are registered for a full course of study for the current semester or for the next semester if you are a continuing student and wish to work during the winter intersession or summer break.
  • Request a letter from the relevant academic department chair that describes the employer's educational affiliation with Rhodes College, and how the employment is necessary as part of your educational program.
  • Request a letter (on letterhead) from the employer that verifies the location where you will work, specifies a start date and end date, and confirms that you "will work no more than 20 hours per week during the Fall or Spring semesters." The letter must be signed by a manager or supervisor.
  • Make an appointment with Erin Hillis; bring the department and employer letters to the appointment.

If you are approved, the Buckman Center will issue an authorization letter with the name and location of your employer and the dates for your on-campus employment. You may not change employers or job location or work beyond the end date as endorsed in this letter of authorization from the Buckman Center.

Employment After Completion of Academic Program

  • F-1 Students who have completed their academic program are no longer eligible to work on-campus, unless they have been issued an I-20 and are registered to begin a new program in the next semester of study at Rhodes College. Otherwise, they must be authorized for Optional Practical Training and may only engage in employment that is related to their field of study.
  • PRIOR WORK AUTHORIZATION through USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) is MANDATORY for international students to work off-campus. You may be in violation of your visa if you work off-campus without prior work authorization. See the Buckman Center for clarification.