Clearing Your SEVIS Hold

What is a SEVIS Hold and How Do I Clear It?

At the beginning of every semester for your entire four years (or exchange terms) here, you will have a SEVIS / IN hold ("international") on your Rhodes account, which is released after you complete your mandatory SEVIS Registration with the Buckman Center.

To avoid fees, clear your SEVIS Hold before the deadline.

Here's what to do:

  1. Arrive on Campus for the semester.
  2. Complete this semester’s registration survey. Surveys are emailed to each student at the beginning of the semester.
  3. If you answered in the survey that you have ANY NEW* immigration documents, including your a new I-94 if you recently traveled internationally over the break, email your NEW* documents to If you don’t have any, great. No need to email us.

Once we have your survey, and any NEW* documents, we will clear your hold.

*NEW:  We mean any immigration documents that you've received since the last time you gave us new immigration documents. Remember, every time you enter the US, you receive a new I-94, even thought it's not handed to you. You have to go on the I-94 website to retrieve it yourself, every time you enter the US.