Clearing Your SEVIS / IN Hold

What is a SEVIS / IN Hold and How Do I Clear It?

At the beginning of every semester for your entire four years (or exchange terms) here, you will have a SEVIS / IN hold ("international") on your Rhodes account, which is released after you complete your mandatory SEVIS Registration with the Buckman Center.

To avoid fees, clear your SEVIS / IN hold before the deadline.

Here's what to do:

  1. Attend at least one class, then:
  2. Complete this semester’s registration survey:
  3. If you answered in the survey that you have ANY NEW* immigration documents, including your a new I-94 if you recently traveled internationally over the break, email your NEW* documents to If you don’t have any, great. No need to email us.

Once we have your survey, and any NEW* documents, we will clear your hold.

*NEW:  We mean any immigration documents that you've received since the last time you gave us new immigration documents. Remember, every time you enter the US, you receive a new I-94, even thought it's not handed to you. You have to go on the I-94 website to retrieve it yourself, every time you enter the US.